The place Does Collagen Come From? & Why Sourcing Issues

There isn’t any plant supply of collagen, as a result of the protein is absent within the plant kingdom. Should you see a collagen product that claims it is “vegan,” please know that it doesn’t include collagen itself.

“I am calling vegan collagen’s bluff. Sorry, there isn’t any such factor as vegan collagen” writes mindbodgyreen’s director of scientific affairs Ashely Jordan Ferira, Ph.D., R.D.N. in regards to the fable of vegan collagen

As an alternative, it doubtless comprises substances—like key vitamins and bioactives—recognized to assist collagen manufacturing, synthesis, and well being through numerous pathways. 

“These collagen ‘boosters’ might embrace substances like amino acids (particularly proline, lysine, and glycine), vitamins C and E for collagen manufacturing and cross-linking, a B complicated for mobile power, or botanical antioxidants to guard collagen from oxidative harm,”* she says. The truth is, many commonplace collagen merchandise embrace these substances as a result of they’re so useful at aiding your general collagen well being.*

In case your vegan protein sources are delivering ample amino acid constructing blocks for collagen, then these helper compounds can assist your physique’s endogenous collagen manufacturing and performance.*

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