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When Do Potatoes Go Unhealthy? This is What an Professional Says

Tlisted here are some meals you’ll be able to have a look at (or extra possible, odor) and know it is time to toss. If the inside of your avocado is the colour of tar, you recognize it is not precisely going to make good avocado toast. However there are different meals the place it is trickier to inform in the event that they’re nonetheless fit for human consumption. Working example: potatoes.

For those who ask me, potatoes are one of the good meals there may be. However spuds are humble; they do not have a powerful aroma or coloration like every thing else you will discover within the produce part. This makes it fairly tough to know after they’re previous their prime. Due to this, you most likely assume potatoes can stay in your kitchen loads longer than they really ought to. In keeping with meals security professional Jeff Nelken, potatoes can go unhealthy after only one or two weeks if not saved correctly.

“The best way to know in case your potatoes have gone unhealthy is that if they begin sprouting nodes they usually really feel mushy beneath the nodes while you reduce them off,” Nelken says, including that it is a signal of decay. (For those who slice off the nodes and the potato remains to be agency, Nelken says it is okay to nonetheless eat it.) In case your potatoes are gentle and mushy (and have not been cooked), it is best to toss ’em within the compost bin. Ditto if they begin buying a powerful odor.

Okay, so that is the unhealthy information: Potatoes go unhealthy earlier than you most likely thought. However the excellent news is that in case you retailer them correctly, you’ll be able to prolong their quick little spud lives to 4 to 6 months. “Ideally, you need to retailer potatoes in a darkish, cool place,” Nelken says. Ultraviolet gentle, he says, damages potatoes and makes them go unhealthy faster. “I like to recommend individuals put their potatoes in a bag to guard them from gentle earlier than storing them in a darkish, cool place,” Nelken says. A paper bag or fabric bag will work simply superb. He additionally recommends storing them in a container with a lid so they don’t seem to be uncovered to air, which might trigger them to age sooner.

The worst place you’ll be able to retailer your potatoes, Nelken says, is the fridge. It is because the sunshine within the fridge causes them to oxidize sooner, shortening their lives. The too-cold temperature can also flip the potato starch into sugar.

If you need your potatoes to final even longer, Nelken says you should buy frozen potatoes or canned potatoes. “For those who purchase canned potatoes, simply be certain the can is not rusty as a result of you don’t need that leaking into the meals,” he says. Nelken additionally factors out that one other bonus to purchasing canned or frozen potatoes is that they’ve a “finest by” date, making it simpler to know the way lengthy they may final.

In case your potatoes are already cooked, Nelken recommends storing them in a container with a lid within the fridge or freezer. “What’s most vital when storing leftover potato dishes is permitting the potatoes to fully cool earlier than placing it in a storage container and within the fridge or freezer,” he says. It is because micro organism can begin to type from the trapped steam coming from still-hot potatoes.

Normally, Nelken says figuring out when potatoes go unhealthy comes all the way down to adjustments in look, texture, and odor—similar to another meals. Though the indicators might not be as pronounced as different meals, they’re going to nonetheless be there. Possibly this intel is your signal to get your potatoes on the desk just a bit bit faster. And you recognize what, nobody goes to complain about that!

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