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How To Stretch Outer Thighs for Immediate Reduction

If you are questioning the best way to stretch your outer thighs, the reply is not precisely intuitive. However that does not imply it is a whole thriller. Sore outer thighs are doubtless attributable to a decent IT band, explains Austin Martinez, MS, CSCS, director of schooling for StretchLab. And stretching your glutes will help relieve that pressure.

“The IT band is a fibrous band of connective tissue, or fascia, that’s positioned on the [outside] of the hip, thigh, and knee,” says Martinez. “The glutes encompass the IT band, moreover they’re the first supporter of the hip, whereas the IT band is a secondary. If the glutes are weak, fatigued, or tight this may increasingly trigger further stress or pressure on the [outer thigh muscles] and IT band to ‘decide up the slack’ with on a regular basis actions and actions.”

A decent IT band may cause greater than a little bit of discomfort.

“Dysfunction on the IT band may cause irregular or inefficient motion patterns, probably inserting extra stress on the decrease physique,” says Martinez. “It may additionally result in IT band friction syndrome, which is when irritation on the attachment web site of the knee happens. That is widespread in endurance athletes like runners.”

Outer thigh stretches are tough. “Attributable to its location on the physique, it may be a difficult space to stretch by your self,” says Martinez. “Usually it requires stretching instruments or inserting your physique in particular positions which can be difficult in case you are simply starting your flexibility journey.” The IT band itself cannot be stretched, as a result of it is tissue, not muscle. So when working to alleviate IT band pressure, Martinez says to concentrate on surrounding muscle tissues just like the glutes and the tensor fascia latae, a muscle that connects to the gluteus maximus and runs alongside the IT band. Attempt these three stretches to alleviate tight outer thighs.

One of the best strikes to stretch outer thighs

1. Pigeon Pose

Martinez says this stretch will assist loosen up your gluteus muscle tissues and your piriformis, a small muscle tucked behind your glues. From all fours, deliver your proper knee ahead in direction of your proper wrist. “Relying in your physique it might be simply behind your wrist or to the outer or the interior fringe of it,” he says. Slide your left leg again and level your toes. “As you inhale, draw your navel in direction of the bottom to deepen the stretch,” he says.  Maintain the stretch for 20 to 30 seconds and repeat one to 2 instances on either side.

Watch the best way to do pigeon, based on a yoga teacher:

2. Determine 4

Much like pigeon pose, determine 4 stretches the glutes, however may be simpler to get into should you’re not tremendous versatile. It may be accomplished both standing or laying down. If standing, carry your proper leg, bend into your left knee, and cross your proper ankle over your left thigh. Brace your core or maintain onto a wall for stability. The additional your knee pushes to the bottom, the deeper you will really feel the stretch. If laying down, bend your knees and cross your proper ankle over your left thigh. To deepen the stretch, deliver your palms below your left thigh and regularly pull your legs in towards your chest. Maintain the stretch for 20 to 30 seconds and repeat one to 2 instances on either side.

3. Standing TFL stretch

This stretch focuses on the tensor fascia latae. From a standing place, cross your proper ankle behind your left ankle. Bending by means of your left knee, push your proper hip out to the best, holding on to a chair or bench if wanted. Martinez says you will really feel this stretch on the best outer thigh. Maintain the stretch for 20 to 30 seconds and repeat one to 2 instances on either side.

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