An MD’s Chia Pudding Recipe That Will not Spike Blood Sugar

In an ideal world, you may follow blood sugar-balancing meals wealthy in protein, fiber, and wholesome fat, eat dinner earlier in the evening, and get plenty of high-quality sleep. Balancing blood sugar is necessary for metabolic well being, however generally, nicely, life occurs—and you might take pleasure in a candy after-dinner deal with or spend a late evening with mates. Your psychological well being is an important element of your total well-being, so if sharing a dessert with some family members makes you’re feeling good, who’re we to deprive you of that pleasure? 

Though, if you happen to actually wish to deal with avoiding glucose spikes, you possibly can go for protein- and fiber-rich desserts that truly have blood sugar balancing properties. For instance, Stanford-trained doctor and co-founder of LevelsCasey Means, M.D., has her go-to recipe: “At dinner events, I am going to generally serve a very fancy chia pudding,” she shares on the mindbodygreen podcast

Behold: This isn’t your typical breakfast chia. It’s a pudding so decadent and wealthy, it’ll fulfill your candy tooth with out sending your blood sugar sky-high. 

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