A Make-up Artist’s Go-To Hack To Clear Up Smudged Mascara

Principally, the fibers ought to have the ability to raise the stray flecks of mascara with out compromising any of your make-up (whereas a cotton swab dipped in remover can raise concealer and shadow with every swipe). Feedback Hughes, a cotton swab “will simply rub within the product, particularly if you must use make-up remover, you are going to smash all the make-up you probably did.” 

One other essential caveat to say right here: Be sure the mascara has totally dried down earlier than you attempt to whisk the pigment away. Should you’re coping with moist product, you will solely smudge it additional with the spoolie. Additionally, Hughes emphasizes a delicate strain (“Delicately buff,” she says), as you do not wish to pull or tug on the sensitive eye area—or, uh, stab your pores and skin with the dry spoolie. Ouch. 

When you have any mascara errors on the higher eyelids (the place the pores and skin is much more skinny), Hughes recommends a good gentler maintain on the spoolie. In fact, it’s best to cease if it ever turns into painful, but when “you are tremendous delicate and the spoolie is gentle,” try to be tremendous, she says in one other remark. 

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