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A Gastroenterologist’s Prime 10 Meals For Optimum Intestine Well being

“I really like including it onto a salad or mixing it on any form of dish,” Singh says. It is a member of the bitter greens household, he continues, “and bitters are additionally good with digestion and bloating.” Plus, they’re wealthy in calcium, potassium, folate, and a number of different nutritional vitamins and minerals; arugula can be a cruciferous vegetable, which suggests it is filled with fiber and prebiotic material to sustain gut health

“It provides slightly spice to your meals, slightly flare to it,” Singh continues. “Individuals say, ‘Oh, my salad is monotonous,’ properly, do one thing totally different. Put some cilantro in there, put some arugula in there, and rapidly you are consuming one thing totally different, despite the fact that it is actually nonetheless a salad.” 

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